FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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How can I affiliate with AppMastero?
The process starts from the moment you contact us with your project requirements. After that we will analyze your requirements and revert back to you. Depending upon further deliberation, you can choose an engagement model that fits your requirements and after that, we initiate the development process.
How much time does it take to complete a website?
The completion time of any web and app assignment is solely based on the client. If you have any timeframe in your mind we will try to complete it for you. The main reason behind the delay of any project is basically due to the unavailability of content from the client side.
What about the payment procedure?
You have to deposit half amount of the price quote at the time of starting of the project. After we get design and complete coding approval for the whole site we will start the development process. Once the development process is completed, we will show you the site on our server and once you approve, you have to pay the rest half amount so that we can hand over the entire site to you.
Will you assign a full time dedicated developer to my project?
Certainly, you will have a team of dedicated developers specifically assigned to your project. The developer's team will work 180 hours in one month on your project. Our IT infrastructure is at your disposal and you can use it eliminating any kind of work interruption from our side.
Do I get to select my preferred developer?
Certainly, you have the liberty to select the developers whom you want to be working on your project. We will send you the resumes of our nominated developers and send it to you. And then you can select the people you want for your project.
Is there any constraint on the number of developers I can hire?
You can hire as many developers as you want. You can hire the developers depending upon the requirements of your project and if your project happens to have a high level of complexity, then you can even hire an entire team of designers and developers for your respective project.
What is the exact difference between Web Based and Native App?
Native apps are built for a single platform or device. They are built using platforms’ native SDK and development and can utilize several specific features of the device (i.e. speaker, camera, etc.). The Web-apps or web-based apps run within a mobile browser and are basically web pages that resemble the native mobile UI’s look.
Do you develop mobile apps for every platform?
Yes, we provide mobile app development services for all major mobile platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Blackberry and Windows and you easily hire our developers for developing mobile applications for these platforms.
What about uploading the application to the app store?
Yes, we will upload your app free of charge! However, you will have to remunerate some amount charged by the main company.
Do you also provide app marketing?
Yes, we do provide app marketing for mobile applications.
Do I get to update the app’s content after its development?
Yes, you may. However, for this, you may have to pay some remuneration.

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