How To Find And Hire App Developer For Your Business: A Detailed Guide

Post date: 23, Feb 2022
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In case you want to expand your business and you are building a mobile app for your targeted audience, then finding and hiring an app developer is crucial for your success. The time & money that is spent for your app depends on the developers you hire. When it is time to hire app developers you need to narrow the options and list the skill set the ideal app developer must-have. This is highly recommended to set a higher benchmark to get the best value. This article provides more information on how to hire app developers.


Factors to Consider When Hire App Developers

The question that businesses usually have is how many App developers they need to hire? The answer to that is there are two factors that determine the number of developers you would need to hire for your mobile app development.


  1. The complexity of the app. 
  2. Urgency of the mobile app.


When you are hiring developers for your business you should never compromise the quality that will be served by the developer. As you must be having a world-changing idea which requires the right development team. For example if you have two great developers compared to half a dozen of barely experienced developers, go for the former option (even if they charge a bit more). In the debate of quality vs quantity, it is quality that always wins. 


Without further ado, let us get to know the right way on how to find and hire app developers for your mobile app development. Here are some of the steps that will help you find the best app developers.


Identify Your Business Needs first

The way of hiring the best app developer is to first begin identifying your business needs that should have proper clarity on the problems that can possibly be caused, and you expect the developers to solve.  And the best developer can be identified based on that, the way how he/she understands the business and solves the problem from an external perspective by applying required skills to get the expected results at the end.


Platform and Developer Rates Worldwide

Comparatively, technological innovations have come to the forefront which did not exist back then. Like,


Augmented Reality

This is an immersive reality technology that blends digital information over physical space or objects viewed through screen which needs developer to be well versed in several API and SDK development, additionally with extended native development experience in iOS & Android.


Virtual Reality

It is quite similar to augmented reality but it is an immersive reality placing the user in a virtual environment. As the computer aided design and coding is done in such a way that goes beyond the ordinary programming expertise.


Cloud Computing

The delivery of the computing services like servers, storage, database, networking, software, analytics, and much more online over the internet in order to offer faster innovation, flexible resources etc following pay-as-you-use which overcomes buying, owning and physical maintenance factors.


Artificial Intelligence

Facebook, Google, Amazon and many more are heralding a new way of business by going much deeper into artificial intelligence, as almost every web application or mobile application launched has AI embedded into it. Hence if you want in your business model as well you’ll need to hire a data scientist creating something using your AI space.


Machine Learning

Through experience and by the use of the given data a study of algorithms is done automatically and it is the act of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. It can be termed as a branch of artificial intelligence as well and requires experts having knowledge of full-stack deep learning, ML operationalization management, AutoML and much more.


Geo Navigation

GPS based geo navigation cam help the application users to explore the place ensuring them to their destination can be done. So if you want to develop your business based on navigation-based solutions then expertise in that field accordingly is a prerequisite.



Building an online store for the easy availability of the products to consumers that includes store management, payment gateways, store integrations and much more, hence it is more than creating an ordinary website.


Developers Rates Worldwide and How is Hourly Rate Calculated?


Firstly the number of hours worked per day should be taken then multiplying that by the total number of working days per year and dividing the annual salary by the obtained number will give the hourly rates of the specific developers worldwide. 


Let’s understand it with an example, based on Indeed’s annual salary data, the average developer hourly rate in the US is: $110,390 / (8 * 250) = $55 / hour.


North America Central Europe Eastern Europe South America Asia Africa
Junior Software Engineer $55 – $80 $30 – $50 $20 – $30 $30 – $55 $20 – $30 $20 – $25
Middle Software Engineer $65 – $90 $35 – $70 $25 – $40 $25 – $60 $25 – $35 $25 – $30
Senior Software Engineer $75 – $125 $45 – $80 $30 – $60 $30 – $65 $30 – $50 $25 – $35
Junior UX/UI Designer $45 – $70 $30 – $50 $20 – $30 $25 – $40 $20 – $30 $20 – $25
Middle UX/UI Designer $55 – $85 $35 – $65 $25 – $35 $30 – $45 $20 – $35 $20 – $30
Senior UX/UI Designer $65 – $100 $40 – $80 $30 – $55 $35 – $65 $25 – $40 $20 – $30
Junior QA/QC $60 – $80 $25 – $70 $20 – $30 $35 – $45 $15 – $30 $20 – $25
Middle QA/QC $70 – $90 $30 – $80 $25 – $40 $40 – $50 $20 – $35 $25 – $30
Senior QA/QC $85 – $125 $40 – $80 $35 – $55 $40 – $60 $20 – $45 $25 – $35
DevOps $70 – $90 $55 – $70 $40 – $60 $40 – $65 $20 – $40 $25 – $35
Project Manager $85 – $95 $50 – $70 $25 – $65 $40 – $70 $30 – $50 $25 – $50
Business Analyst $70 – $85 $50 – $80 $30 – $65 $25 – $40 $20 – $45 $25 – $35
Architect $110 – $125 $60 – $100 $45 – $65 $45 – $75 $35 – $80 $30 – $50


These have vastly influenced mobile application development effectively. So you need to hire developers based on the platform and technology you want to build your application on.


Decide Now Whether to Hire In-House or OutSource

Trusting a professional IT firm for the development of your app is often the best method to choose. This means you do not need to invest in the resources nor do you need to hire any expert talent. This is a good way to ensure timely delivery from a highly qualified and talented pool of developers.



Whereas, this refers to the entire development process to be given to a development agency, company or developer who works remotely. It keeps the entire firm accountable for the results obtained. Project Manager on board shall ensure the resources achieving milestones. 


Country Number of Specialists Average  Rates (Per Hour USD) Popular Technologies Used
India  400k $10-$45 React, JavaScript (React, Node, ReactNative), Java, 





UK 200k $25-$45 React, JavaScript (React, Node, ReactNative), Java, 




Objective C 







AWS and more

Romania 116k $25-$45 SQL,

Java, JavaScript, Python

Poland 279k $40-$55 Java, 

SQL, Objective-C, JavaScript, Python, 


Bulgaria 55k $35-$50 JavaScript, React, 






Hire a Resource

This refers to complete selection, on-boarding, and managing the team directly. With several mobile app development companies that offer their resources on a time-share basis and that single resource would be working on contract signed.


  1. Simple app development price tag – $40,000 – $70,000
  2. Medium complexity app development price tag – $60,000 – $120,000
  3. Complex app development price tag – $130,000+
  4. Cost of hiring a UK app developer ~$95,000 / year



A scenario where both of the suggested options can be a bad fit then hiring freelancers can be beneficial as they are individual contributors who work with clients of diverse backgrounds and work according to the requirements of the business.


  1. $543 USD median cost for completed project


The Pros And Cons of In-House vs Outsourcing



In-house recruitment costs more and the reason for that is the fixed salary of employees that should be paid, and also to bear with other proportions like power, IT, infrastructure, employer, taxes etc.


Whereas on other hand outsourcing can lighten the pressure of the budget by assigning the task to a development organization or a company already having developers at their disposal. 


(Recommendation: The main merit of choosing the outsourcing route is the cost of the project is capped in a specific limit as incase if there’s any extra cost incurred would have to be carried out by the organization you hired to complete the task.) 


Payroll Management

Payroll management can be an issue while hiring in-source developers, because even with dozens of employees a considerable amount of time is spent on payroll management.  


On the other hand in an outsource setup there is no need for the payroll management as it is the responsibility of the company you hired to manage every aspect of employee management. 


Fixed Contract 

Developers can switch from task to task depending upon the requirements and priorities set within in-house development. With outsourcing, the scope of work is frozen with a fixed contract.  



Certain perpetual expense of salary and other expenses in employee-employee relationship is maintained and more or less a rigid arrangement is bound by law in an in-house app development process 


Compared to an in-house developer, in outsourcing, it is an ideal budget friendly option given because the association with the agency terminates upon completion of the project. Additionally there are no future transactions unless a new project is awarded. Wherein the new budget, timeline, development is set.



It is now easily possible to hire the app developer for your business from any part of the world according to your convenience. But there are certain factors before identifying your IT outsourcing hiring. 


Hiring factors

While hiring an app developer certain factors should be kept in mind that can help you hire a qualified developer/company which are as follows,



A long career in the development field does not necessarily indicate the developer has been well-versed in software development. Although prior experience can definitely mean they would be better than someone novice. So, take a proper look at the experience they have in specific forms of development process. 


Business Goodwill

Whenever you’re engaging an app developer one thing that you should never overlook is the business goodwill. It is the reputation of the developer that they hold in the market. Several peer-to-peer websites that reviews the developer’s work such as GoodFirms, and many more. These sites provide enough information about the company based on their past performance. 


Client Feedback

Every business should once check what the previous clients of that particular developer’s experience had been. Conducting this background check may help bring reliability and trust, by business review websites on local listings like Google My Business can help verify if the developer or the IT vendor firm is worth building a business relationship with.



There are several aspects to look into rather than anyone’s function. So the ideal choice to hire for your work shall not be the one who has experience in just one field rather they should be versatile in all trades. 


Destination to Hire


  1. India 
  2. UK
  3. Philippines
  4. Poland
  5. Romania


Conclusion-Make a Hiring App Developer decision based on:

The entire hiring process will not be an easy task and you may also face many roadblocks. You should find a developer who is well-versed in multiple programming languages after deciding whether you want to opt with the in-house or outsource option. Once the hiring model is decided, the next step is to pick the right location of a development firm. This can help with sustainable and cost-effective mobile app development.


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